MycoMinded is a biomaterial company based in the greater Cape Town. We apply the powers of fungi to effectively grow a composite material, that is both fully organic and actively substitutes harmful waste. We then use this material to produce plastic/wood/gypsum replacement products for the construction, packaging, lifestyle and other industries. The material can be made to be disposable, leaving only compost, or to last indefinitely.

The company has been in operation for 4 years, has 8 team members and is now looking to scale up production with the help of a new facility. (More on this in Investment Potential!)

Our Vision

To learn from mycelium and use that knowledge to inform our development and production of sustainable solutions and useful alternatives to overcome the issues facing planet Earth.

Our Mission

To rid the planet of useless waste and regenerate a healthy global ecosystem.

Our Objectives

  • Working from a point of departure that certain balances on our planet need to be redressed, we intend to aid in reversing the global trend of waste culture, and work toward a more harmonious waste management system, and indeed a more harmonious relationship with the earth.
  • To show people the life cycle of fungi, how to cultivate and utilize it for purposes ranging from health and nutrition to shelter and leisure.
  • To produce material for a multitude of environmentally friendly products and services at a scale that allows for comparative economic advantage.
  • To develop symbiotic industries to a scale that our material becomes the obvious alternative.
  • To extend and connect networks that work toward a cleaner planet.

Our Values

To follow these principles of fungi:

  • Symbiosis
    • Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships, not only with regard to strategic partnerships, communities and the fungi industry in general, but also within Nature.
    • Relationships will be made with eyes on facilitating a minimal waste and maximum benefit design framework.
  • Networking
    • Fostering a healthy network of industry associates and partners allow for risk management, backup systems and multiple channels of information with regard to research, materials and far more.
    • Networks do not need a central node, and branches can be strengthened organically.
  • Natural recyclers and regenerators
    • Minimising wastage and employing cyclical design to create resilient self-reinforcing systems, aiming for zero waste.
    • Illustrating and advocating the usage of waste materials to produce useful products, thereby reversing mean waste production.
  • Spores
    • Spreading the knowledge allows for new nodes to take root and grow, giving life and strengthening the total survival, ensuring proliferation

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