Products and Services


We can replace polystyrene by creating packaging for bulk or bespoke products, from wine bottles to electronics, foodstuff to clothes


We can replace gypsum and synthetic insulation by creating tiles, insulation panels, bricks and more.

Planter Pots

We can replace various types of hard plastics (PET, HDPE, PP etc) by making products like planter pots. These can be made as ornamental pots that last indefinitely or as pots to be planted straight into soil, that feed the plant and biodegrade.

Surfboards and Hand planes

We can replace Polyurethane, Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene foam as well as wood in the production of surfboards and hand planes.

Water filters

We can replace synthetic filters, using living fungi to act as passive water filters for home use or within larger waterways.

Greenhouse CO2

We can replace mechanical and chemical Carbon Dioxide production systems, using fungi to create CO2 for greenhouses that can boost plant growth rates by up to 30%.

Gourmet and Health

We can deliver gourmet edible mushrooms such as shiitake, enoki and various types of oyster mushrooms, and can produce medicinal mushroom tinctures using reishi, turkey tail or lion’s mane.


We can harness the way in which certain fungi decompose organic matter in order to speed up composting systems and thereby restore soil health and resilience – it is even simultaneously possible to grow edible mushrooms on organic your waste.

Talks, workshops and education

We can give presentations, workshops and demonstrations to people of all ages. This ranges from purely theoretical discussions about the ecology to general tales and stories about fungi to practical examples of the biology of fungal growth and suggestions as to how to replicate it.

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